The Friendship And Social Club

   020 8698 9496

Every week the Friendship Club attracts members from all sectors of the Jewish Community. They come to meet with friends both new and old and are greeted with tea, coffee and biscuits on arrival. They are able to spend time talking or playing a variety of games such as Rummikub, cards or Scrabble which are available.

For those who wish to attend, at 11am the Minister gives a weekly shiur leading a learning and discussion session on topics from the Torah or other topics of interest.

Many like to celebrate their birthday by presenting the lunch for all of the members.

Members start arriving at the Synagogue hall on Tuesday mornings from 10:00 am onwards, in time for the lunch at 1:00 pm. They may stay for as long as they wish up to 4:00 pm. Membership is open to all of the Jewish Community and is not limited to members of Catford Synagogue.

For further information or to join contact Mrs Rowena Rosenfeld at the email address or phone number above.

All this for just £5.



   020 8698 9496

There has been a Maccabi youth presence at Catford for as long as there has been a synagogue here. Over the years, hundreds of children aged 5+ have come to our weekly sessions and the Summer Project. Many have graduated to become young leaders, and then taken part in the annual Israel tour for young adults aged 16+.

Our current attendees include those who are following in the footsteps of their parents and grandparents.

We have a fabulous and well-equipped clubhouse. A lunch and all activites are included. Please get in touch to join our email list, and to find out more.


The Ladies Society

   020 8698 9496

The Ladies' Society plays many roles in the day to day running of the Shul. However they are best known for preparing our Kiddushim.

The Society provides a small tea and cake kiddush at the end of every Shabbat morning service, as well as celebratory Kiddushim when required. The Ladies Society takes great delight in preparing these Kiddushim for members of the Synagogue and their families.

Additionally the society organises catering to complement the religious festivals celebrated during each year and at least one fundraising event. We are always looking for new members, so please come along and join us.


Chesed Fund

   020 8698 9496

The Chesed Fund helps those in our community who find themselves in less fortunate situations.

The confidentiality of any recipient remains sacrosanct.

The fund relies upon donations to support its assistance to those in the community needing help. If you are celebrating a simcha or would just like to make a contribution to the synagogue, please remember the Benevolent Fund.


Bromley WIZO South-East

   020 8698 9496

Bromley WIZO South-East is the last remaining WIZO group in South East London, and has been in existence for nearly 50 years. We are a group of enthusiastic women raising funds for severely disadvantaged families in Israel. We hold coffee mornings, arrange outings, lunches with speakers, bridge and quiz events.

WIZO would welcome your involvement and hope that you will join them. By supporting their events you will be helping the women and children in Israel whilst enjoying good company.