Event details

  • July 4, 2022
  • All Day
  • Catford And Bromley United synagogue
  • 020 8698 9496

A celebration of the events told in the Book of Esther, in which a wicked Persian nobleman named Haman plotted to murder all the Jews in the land.

The Jewish heroine Esther, wife of the king Ahasuerus, persuaded her husband to prevent the massacre and execute Haman. Because Esther fasted before going to the king, Purim is preceded by a fast. On Purim itself, however, we are commanded to eat, drink a lot and celebrate.

The Book of Esther is read in the synagogue and the congregation use rattles, cymbals and boos to drown out Haman’s name whenever it appears. The community will normally celebrate with a fancy dress party which is particularly enjoyed by the children.