Rabbi of Catford and Bromley Synagogue.


Chair of Board of Management of the synagogue.


21 hours per week plus Shabbat and Festivals.


Competitive salary to be negotiated.


Include contributory pension, and accommodation consisting of a 4 bedroom house, with front and back garden and drive.


To provide religious, pastoral, and educational leadership to the Catford and Bromley Jewish Community.

Please download and fill-in both Application Forms.

Send your application to:

Email: chairman@catfordsynagogue.org.uk

Post: Catford & Bromley Synagogue, PO Box 4724, Catford, SE6 2UT


Catford and Bromley Synagogue has been serving the Jewish community in South-East London and Kent for more than 80 years. It is affiliated to the United Synagogue and is a registered charity with a Board of Trustees. The synagogue is a member of the Jewish Small Communities Network.



Provide religious and spiritual leadership and pastoral care to this established and welcoming community.

Inspire, challenge and encourage all members in their Jewish knowledge, understanding, beliefs and practices.

Promote communal activity and actively work to increase Shul attendance and membership numbers.

Reach out to a community of diverse observance, whilst upholding the ethos, customs and practices of orthodox Judaism under the authority of the United Synagogue.




To maintain a modern orthodox ethos and to encourage participation and involvement in yiddishkeit

To lead inclusive Services on Shabbat and Yom Tov, encouraging participation, and to undertake the Shabbat morning/Yom Tov leyning.

To deliver sermons and shiurim on Shabbat and Yom Tov which inform and inspire members of the congregation, whatever their level of Jewish knowledge.

To encourage women and girls to participate in all aspects of religious and communal life, within permitted halachic boundaries.

To offer some online Services and activities using modern communication channels.

To offer 'Alternative Services' from time to time, including explanatory Services and Children’s Services.

To answer individual/personal religious queries from members and act as the authority on religious issues for the Community



To attend to the pastoral, welfare and personal needs of the members of the Community; to visit the sick, elderly and bereaved; to provide counselling to those with family or other personal problems.

To officiate at and engage in the planning and preparation of Bar and Bat Mitzvot, weddings, funerals, shivas and tombstone consecrations and other life-cycle events so as to enhance such events for the benefit of members.

To bring an open-minded and creative approach to religious and community leadership, working closely with the lay leaders and members in doing so.

To be prepared to demonstrate flexibility within Halacha within the guidelines of the London Beth Din.

To reach out to members and engage with individuals and families within the community, including teenagers, single parents, single people, divorcees, widow/widowers, couples where one partner may not be Jewish, and those who may live some distance from the shul premises.

To respect diversity, equality and inclusion.



To be supportive of outreach activities and to welcome new members, assisting their integration into all aspects of religious and communal activities.

To attend and participate in communal activities and events, including the Friendship Club, and, where appropriate, to assist in planning them.

To assist the lay leadership in fostering co-operation and good relations with other South London synagogues, including non-orthodox synagogues, with inter-faith groups in the area and with local SACREs.

To contribute to the Shul Gazette, which is normally published three times a year.



To pro-actively engage with children and teenagers of the community on a regular basis, and encourage the involvement of young parents in communal life.

To create a warm and welcoming environment for children (including the very young) in the shul and at Services.

To work with the teachers, parents and lay leadership on Cheder and other educational needs.



To develop and enhance the Jewish knowledge and practical observance of members.

To encourage and advise on adult education programmes designed to appeal to a broad range of members of differing levels of religious observance, practice and knowledge, with a view to widening and deepening their knowledge and commitment.



To report regularly to his line-manager, i.e. the chair of the synagogue, (frequency to be agreed), and to keep the chair informed of any other commitments which might affect his day-to-day duties as Rabbi of the Shul.

To work closely with the Honorary Officers, the Board of Management and the Administrator, and be receptive to full annual appraisals and performance feedback in line with US guidelines and policies.

To attend Board of Management meetings and other meetings, such as the Shul AGM, if required to do so.



As with all other employees, to be aware of his responsibilities towards health and safety and to adhere to fire regulations.

To comply with any policies and procedures that United Synagogue may issue and any other reasonable duties as may be assigned that are consistent with the nature of the job and its level of responsibility.

The job holder and his manager will both be prepared to be flexible about working hours, with the job holder willing to work unsocial hours if the need arises.

This job description does not encompass the complete duties and should be treated as a guide to the duties that the Rabbi is expected to perform

Because of the nature of the work, this post is exempt from the provisions of Section 4(2) of the Rehabilitation Act, 1974, by virtue of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act, 1974, (Exceptions) Order 1975



The successful candidate will provide the community with a positive and engaging role model of Orthodox Jewish family life. The candidate should be able to demonstrate the following qualities, skills and experience:



  • Semicha acceptable to the Office of the Chief Rabbi & LBD.




  • Degree


  • Postgraduate qualification

Rabbinical skills 

  • Leyning
  • Ensures involvement and participation of parents/carers in bar/bat mitzvahs, weddings, baby naming, etc.
  • Sensitive and supportive at funerals and shivas.


  • Delivers uplifting Services and inspiring and intellectually robust sermons, which encompass real-world issues and concerns. 

Rabbinical skills 

  •  Encourages members of the congregation to take part in the Service.


  • Able to sing in tune.


  • Conducts shiurim which encourage active  participation of listeners.


  • Prepared to take part in cross-communal and inter-faith activities, including Limmud.

Modern Orthodoxy

  • Has a modern outlook, connects with current secular issues.


  • Has an open and flexible approach towards people with different levels of Jewish knowledge and practice.


  • Has a positive attitude to the involvement of women in religious Services, within the framework set out by the Chief Rabbi and his Beth Din.


  • Sensitive and welcoming to mixed marriage couples and their children.

Modern Orthodoxy

  • Promotes a range of adult educational activities.

Interpersonal Skills

  • Hard-working, enthusiastic, energetic and tolerant.


  • Displays empathy when visiting the sick, bereaved and isolated, and when helping members with personal problems.


  • Engages with and supports those who have been recently bereaved.


  • Embraces debate and discussion, even if the views expressed differ from the norm.



  • Able to connect with people of various ages, stages and religious observance.

Interpersonal Skills

  •  Resourceful and not afraid to “roll his sleeves up” when participating in a project.


  • Willing and able to help recovery of the community after Covid-19 pandemic, by taking an active part in the community’s regeneration.

Communication skills

  • Demonstrates good spoken and written English and is IT literate.


  • Is willing to write articles 3 times a year for the Shul Gazette.

Communication skills

  •  Motivates youth, pre- and post- bar/bat mitzvah.

Organisation and management

  • Organised and punctual.


  • Reports regularly to his line-manager, i.e. the chair of the synagogue.


  • Works as a team-player with the Honorary Officers, the Board of Management and other lay leaders.


  • Keeps the chair and the shul administrator informed of his whereabouts.


  • Actively involved in the appraisal process, seeks and responds to feedback.

Organisation and management

  • Keeps his diary up-to-date.


  • Responds to phone calls and emails.


  • Reads messages from the Chief Rabbi’s Office and communicates them to the chair and other Hon Officers as appropriate.


  • Possesses a current enhanced DBS certificate.


  • Access to a car, and a current driving licence.