The Miraculous Ten Plagues

Pesach otherwise known as Passover  is the time when Hashem bypassed the houses of the Israelites whilst smiting those containing the Egyptian firstborns.

What was so miraculous about the ten plagues?

A recent documentary aired on television outlined various scientific theories regarding how and why the plagues were not necessarily miraculous. Let me indulge in one of these theories. At first glance the affliction of blood appears to be the ultimate supernatural plague as we are told that ‘all’ the water of the Egyptians turned to blood!

The documentary examines scientific evidence and declares that a species of algae exists which has been proven to turn water blood red. The programme continues by stating that this phenomenon appeared in ancient Egypt as a result of  this algae.

If correct, does this not call into question our system of beliefs?

The answer is a resounding ‘no’.

Let us surmise that this theory is correct and that the ancients did not possess the knowledge that we have today and believed that it really was blood, would this really cause great concern to us as believers?

Whether it be blood or a type of algae this should not affect our beliefs, for the most fundamental miracle was not the essence of the plague, but the ‘timing’. As a musician, musicality is of prime import and the most vital factor when observing if a performance was at its best, is the ‘timing’. It is not the voice, stature or elegance of a performance although these all help, but whether the timing is sound. A great proponent of adhering to perfect timing is the singer Tony Bennett as one can observe when listening to him.

The plagues descended upon the Egyptians with perfect timing. At first Pharaoh hardened his heart of his own volition and each time his heart toughened G-D sent a miraculous plague to confound him.

Our community has similarly reached a time when great things are happening. For the first time in many years our Cheder and nursery classes are prospering and growing, however our Shabbat services are suffering as we lose staunch supporters who have sadly passed away.

For the sake of continuing our traditional Jewish values, I implore you to support the Shabbat services at least once a month. You will most definitely be made welcome and at the same time take part in our ancient liturgy and prayers which help us in our every day lives.

The timing is ripe to stand together and propagate our Jewish heritage by supporting that which is dearest to our hearts – our beloved Torah coupled with coming together in prayer in a united fashion.

I wish the whole community a kosher le Pesach.

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